• Jive

    Add Colour to
    your life.

    Set the color of you phone according to
    your whim and fancy. Candy Pink and
    Sky blue available out of the box with
    the default Pearl White panel.

  • Dual Sim

    ( CDMA + GSM )

    Got 2 sim cards , no problems , Jive comes with 2 sim card slots. Enjoy the best of both worlds.
    Connect with people either though the GSM or CDMA network.

  • Camera

    2 Mega Pixel Camera with Flash

    Go Click crazy with the 2 Mega Pixel rear end camera with Auto zoom and a powerful flash

  • Vivid Display

    480 x 800 pixels

    Enjoy stunning and vivid colors on the 480 X 800 TFT LCD
    Display. Your Photos and videos are rendered with
    astonishing clarity and vivid colors.

  • Speakers

    Music Lovers Rejoice

    Audiophiles enjoy your musice in all its glory , with stereo
    speakers, which reproduce sounds with exception quality
    and clarity.

  • Droid Inside

    Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

    Android Jellybean offers you improved responsiveness, an improved Web browser with constant on-screen tabs, enhanced
    file management capabilities, better text input options and many more.

  • Jive

    Impressive, isn’t it !

    Good things come in small sizes. And with an impressive
    price label , you cant say no to it. So what are you waiting
    for ?. Add some Color to your Life. Add some JIVE !